Industrial & Marine Solution.

New address from January 02, 2017 :
CM 101 – Citée de l’Innovation – Bâtiment 22
36 Rue des Bellangères
28630 Le Coudray – France

Alternative of spare parts for Industry and Marine, geared for international success at your service. French and export support for alternative procurement solutions in “made-to-measure” and obsolete products for all types of equipment from all sources. You look for a gear pump, a compressor, a separator, an electric motor, mechanical components as ball bearing, bearing housing, pinion wheels, Mechanical seals, belts, made-to-measure joints.. or others, sensors, thermometers, manometers, pressure detector, control valves, steam taps, controllers, pressure switches. Valves, solenoid valves, check valves. We can process to ay type of request in real time, whatever the difficulties involved: procurement, transport constraints, currency disparity, customs problems etc..

AFLE-EX company has had a single aim : Your satisfaction from taking the order through to delivery.
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